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    Covering allsorts, debating is a mainstay of Lewes life

    8 members


    Bonfire Societies

    Lewes has a total of six Bonfire Societies and they hold fundraisers throughout the year - then it all really kicks off in November

    26 members


    2012 - Jubilee and Olympics

    2012 is a huge year for the UK: marking the Queen's Jubilee and the hosting of the Olympics

    3 members


    Theatre, cinema and performing arts

    The latest guide to what is happening in-and-around Lewes

    25 members


    Social networking

    Lewes is a hive of soial networking from Tweet Ups to First Friday, find out if there is one applicable for you

    6 members

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Groups Raviliouse Joined

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    Lewes is steeped in history, find out more about the County Town's past

    13 members

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    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    10 members

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    Lewes pubs

    Celebrating our best watering holes

    15 members

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    Get down with whatever vibes suit your taste

    36 members

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    General Election 2010

    For discussing the 2010 General Election in Lewes

    7 members

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Emmeline Ravilious

Why I like Lewes

What's not to like: East Sussex's town has it all. There is history, the present, the future, good food, good people, plentiful culture and a great community spirit. Quirks abound from the architecture (and those mathematical tiles) to the locals. It is the largest town in the country within a national park (ah, to be nestled by the South Downs) with a vibrant arts scene (from screen prints, web businesses to Glyndebourne). Bonfire is often the heart of the town and it is of little surprise that it inspired such men of might like Tom Paine (of whose writings in turn inspired Barack Obama's inaugural speech). And it even has its own currency!


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